Huang Xiaoming Baby the campus was climbing climb up the roof of onlookers Beijing on 16 April, (reporter Jiang Bo) in April 15th, Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy came to Chongqing University, to play “energy-saving” “go ballistic campus plan” Chongqing Railway Station trip, following Shenyang, Xi’an, continue to set off in the country is hot “”. This is the focus ofthe popularity of Huang Xiaoming and the recent […]

Xu Fan to pick up her daughter from school full of motherly love makeup for fear of being recognized frequency covering her face

Tencent entertainment news (Zhao Yangyang / text) Xu Fan and Feng Xiaogang married for many years, although no children, but adopted daughterXu Duo has been love have to add, as her own, gave her to aristocratic privateinternational school. Recently, Tencent entertainment to meet Xu Fan in person to pick up her daughter from school, early […]

This year Huang Xiaoming married Baby isn’t enough: the birth of a baby to meet

China Daily reported in April 14th May 1st, love movie “energy-saving” national release, April 13th at two thirty in the afternoon, as a movie star, producer,investor Huang Xiaoming, appeared in the Xi’an Electronic and Science University student auditorium campaign, he “lattice wind people refuse nobody” off the field wave after wave of climax, the whole […]

[coco] daily Food private health of Black Garlic Soup stewed pig exhibition of Siraitia grosvenorii

After fermentation the garlic into a black, can enhance human immunity andsterilization ability. Often eat black garlic can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cancer. So the black garlic has “vascular scavenger” reputation, it is used to dress with broth, effect is better. Material: Black garlic 1.5 Siraitia grosvenorii 1/6 Pig meat 100 grams. Ginger […]

Spring anti allergy diet also moves

After Qingming rain have, we finally look forward to the spring, the flowers, the springseason, really beautiful, but also a hidden enemy: allergy. Spring climate is humid, the temperature rise, it is a variety of bacteria, mites, highly reproductive period, and letting a hundred flowers bloom and pollen are everywhere, and it is also one […]