The “mother slapped” won the praise of jiaoziyoufang is known as the “hero of Baltimore”

[Global Times special correspondent Wang Xiaoxiong in Baltimore on 27] American riots,an episode of “family drama“ caused by the international public opinion hot — a motherslapped on the streets protesting the son, let the home with her (Figure). This “motherslapped” then quickly in American became popular, known as the “hero”, she said in an interview […]

Prepare pregnant note: this 8 kinds of food will spermicidally careful eat the next generation of silly

Many parents are the next generation of excellence unremitting efforts for the family, butmany people have overlooked one thing — the quality of men’s sperm is affected by the influence of food. Tofu, pork, seafood, fried chicken and other foods, these are many men love the most. But the expert reminds, prepare pregnant couples should […]

Application of grounded field of health management, open the new era of intelligent Himama pregnancy

According to the third party monitoring data show: 2014 December, female personal health management application of the number of monthly coverage has reached 24020000 people. Female personal health management application has become the industry scale,products and services will continue to vertical field businesses have to test the water. \ In 2015 March, Himama intelligent assistant […]

“Intelligent pregnant”, from the small newspaper ads to “superstition flex” solutions

Welltwigs is a combination of hardware and software “intelligent pregnant solution”,consists of three parts: the measurement of basal body temperature (BBT) of theThermotwig hardware, measuring levels of the hormone Labtwig, and record + App algorithm. Image title By recording, algorithm and guidance, Welltwigs will help prepare pregnant girls self testing,and find the most suitable pregnant […]

Pregnant essential artifact Himama intelligent assistant prepare pregnant most understand you

There are three important things for women in life: the business is the business of happiness; husband, children, the woman’s happiness continues; care for their health,happiness is the foundation of a woman. In today’s society and how healthy to nurture the next generation has been plagued by many women. Be the mother of this thing, […]

Huang Xiaoming Baby was hanging in midair incarnation of Yang Mi “angel” Yan won the praise of value Beijing in April 29, 27 days, the main movie “energy-saving” in the “happy camp“ program. Yang Mi, Huang Xiaoming, Angela Baby AngelaBaby, Ma Su and other castappeared together, Angela Baby and her boyfriend Huang Xiaoming was hanging the gameair, the incarnation of Yang Mi “angel” appearance, freaky face value is high, was like ayoung […] Hainan channel of parent-child activities into the wide base material, the Binhai International

Xinhua Haikou real estate April 28th dispatch (reporter Wang Wenjun) recently,in 2015, Hainan channel of real estate industry established center of parent-child activity base. It is reported, the base is not only to createan interactive communication opportunities for children and parents, promotechildren grow up healthy and happy, give the child childhood memories, but also […]